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Thank you to all who attended last Wednesday's class all about this classic citrus delight (and yes, it's true, curd was indeed the word)!  Velvety curd inside a flaky butter crust and topped with melt-in-your-mouth peaks of vanilla meringue, is, we all agreed,  a magical combination.  Add a little fire to the equation in the form of a blow torch or red hot broiler to toast those meringue peaks and valleys and it's a done deal, you've reached the curd tart promised land!  And I'd say by looking at these class photos mission accomplished!  Bravo and booyah!

So, just to expound on the word...there are so many ways you can take this tart beyond the classic lemon or lime.  Try making grapefruit curd by substituting grapefruit juice and zest for the citrus.  With this variation you could make a toasted almond crust simply by adding about 1/4 cup of finely ground toasted almonds to your tart crust recipe.  Or how about a Moroccan twist; tangerine curd with pistachio crust (same amount of ground toasted as for almond) and rose water flavored meringue.  Rose water is available at middle eastern groceries ( Sahadis here in Brooklyn, or Kalustyan's in Manhattan) and can be used the way you would use vanilla extract.  That's what's so fantastic about learning the classics, not only can you add them to your sweet making repertoire, you can also tweak and re-invent!

And one last thing about will last in the fridge for a week.  Just jar that tart, silken goodness, tie it up with a bow and you've got a lovely hostess gift. Or, if you really want to treat your friends and family like British royalty, bake up a batch of buttermilk scones to serve with your homemade curd and clotted cream! Cheerio!

Next up on the sweet class schedule: Strawberry shortcake on June 20th-- A whip cream and first-of-the-season strawberry layer cake extravaganza.  It's a beaut!
See you in class!

Photos by: Kathi Littwin

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