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Thank you to all y'all who participated!  Three evenings of cake-making and decorating, leading to the grand finale... a decorated dandy!  Each cake was unique, beautiful, and delicious!

The whole experience left me wanting to sing cake camp songs for the rest of the week... but alas, there's no such thing... until now!  So here's my first attempt.  Sing with me!

Cake Camp Power

(to the tune of Jolly Old Saint Nicholas)

We gather 'round the kitchen.

Our campfire is the oven.
Make sure to put the love in!
With flour, sugar, butter,

We mix it up and bake it off.
Behold the golden batter!
With buttercream and pastry bag
We decorate our layers.

We contemplate and sketch design,
Find just the perfect flavors
A little taste, a final flower,
This is the Cake Camp POWER!

Ok, so like I said, it's a first attempt.  Campers, let's hear your cake camp verses!  Happy caking!



Photos by: Kathi Littwin

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