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Since the beginning of our baking classes here at OGC, people have asked to learn the Wonders of Whoopie.  So last Wednesday, we gathered to do just that.  I think I can safely say that whoopie pie making was finally demystified!

It's actually a really simple batter to make: mix wet, mix dry, add wet to dry, plenty of bowl scraping, mix until smooth...


And voila!... ready for piping!


It's the piping that had people shaking in their proverbial pastry boots.  So pipe we did and with practice, as you can see, the perfect plump whoopie pies were produced!


Then onto fillings... The classic sweet cream cheese and a mocha version of the same.


Add to that a toasted nut or cocoa nib garnish and you've got a triple threat whoopie pie on your hands!  All ready to box up and share!


Thank you to all who participated!  Whoopie!


Next up... October 10th Autumn Harvest Breakfast baking


Photos by: Kathi Littwin

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