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Just a quick little post to give one more BIG THANK YOU to everybody who invested in One Girl Cookies' rebuilding efforts through Smallknot.  You guys are amazing!  Be on the look out for emails on how to claim your rewards!

 One Girl Cookies Smallknot Contributors:

 $500 level
Christina Iwasko
Thomas Huhn
$250 level
Christopher Lapan
Nicole Casale-Lio
Amy Brown
Thomas Lapan
$150 level
Stephanie Levin
Jennifer Selig
Colleen Deng
Carol Lee/Jonathan Hangartner
$100 level
William Garrett
Frances Spangler
Fran Hauser
Alison Heller
Krissa Bloom
Laura Avella
Kate Clugston
Mark Murphy
$50 level
Joliene Ford
Joyce MacNaughton
Caroline Widman
Ilana Greenberg
Jennifer Covell
Laurie Levitt Schoenburg
Cynthia Butler
Scott Melton
$25 level
Michelle Jackson Mannix
Erin Leyden
and to all of our contributors at the $10 level... We love you!
 Thank you!

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Barneys New York was the place I called my second home for six years. It was the classroom in which I learned the importance of aesthetic, the power of creativity and the joy of indulgence. At a point in time which I cannot specifically put my finger on, I reflected on my career choices and decided to return to that which I really knew... food and humanity's love of it. I began to think about my childhood and how much of it had been happily spent in the kitchen. The memories of the aromas and flavors that came from my grandmother's kitchen were vivid and exhilarating. That is where I learned about the ritual and significance of food, the sense of happiness and comfort it brought, and the essential elements of quality and care that went into its preparation.

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