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Thank you to all who joined me for the magnificent macaron class in March!  Gorgeous macs in shades of Spring were masterfully mixed, piped to perfection, and beautifully baked by all!  I know you'll enjoy sharing these lovely French treats with friends and family.  It's a great recipe to make and to share for the rest of your baking days.


On another note, after 6 fulfilling years at One Girl Cookies, I will be leaving to pursue the next chapter personally and professionally.  It's been a great run here with many high notes along the way and I will certainly miss the OGC kitchen.  I have so loved teaching the classes for the past 2 years and I thank everyone who participated.  Your dedication to learning the joys of baking from scratch was inspiration to me.

So, happy sweet baking!



Next class: French macs, round two... April 17th with Dave and Ayumi.  (All future classes will be taught by Dave.)

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