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We wouldn't be what we are today without the fabulous folks who make it happen. 

Meet Joel, One Girl Cookies' General Manager:

This is Joel's 10th year as a barista and he still loves it.  After running small coffee shops first in his hometown and then in Boulder, Colorado while he was a student at UCB, he made the move to NYC.  Regulars at both stores know Joel... he was a barista at the Cobble Hill shop for about a year and a half, then moved over to manage the DUMBO shop.  Now, we are happy to say, customers at both locations can get their Joel fix; as General Manager, he's splitting his time between Dean Street and Main Street.

Where are you from originally, Joel?

Mankato, Minnesota.

What brought you to NYC?

I was a Sex and the City freak and wanted to come here and live like Samantha.  After my fourth time on the SATC tour, I realized there are better things out there for me to focus on, chiefly cookie-related endeavors.

How long have you worked at OGC?

Pert near 3 years.

What made you apply for a job here?

I have been doing barista work for many years and know a good operation when I see one, just thankful to have been chosen for what was initially a very part-time role with OGC.

Do you live near the shops?

I live in ReHoCaGa; it's a new and really trendy neighborhood that no one really knows about, under the expressway at Hamilton Avenue on the border of Red Hook and Carroll Gardens.  If your building doesn't shake when a semi drives by on the BQE, you do not qualify as a resident.

What do you do when you are not at OGC?

When I am not at One Girl, I attend Hunter College full-time and study various things. I love spending time with my super girlfriend, and our wonderful cat.  I also spend my time online as an extremely skilled and high leveled warlock/wizard/mage etc. protecting various realms from unimaginable evils. I also play the guitar.

What music do you like to play when you are working behind the counter?

Depends on the hour, mostly different versions of the same 2 Prince songs.

Nice.  What type of music do you listen to at home?

The heavy type.

What’s the last movie you saw?

What did you think of it? Paranorman 3D, it was hilarious.

Read anything good lately?

Julia B’s Yelp review of our DUMBO location, and that one about Splenda.

When it comes to snacks, do you prefer sweet or savory?


Any good OGC stories you'd like to share?

Not really. I just enjoy spreading the love of One Girl; always enjoying all of the positivity and dedication that people have for both of our lovely establishments and all of our wonderful treats.

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Barneys New York was the place I called my second home for six years. It was the classroom in which I learned the importance of aesthetic, the power of creativity and the joy of indulgence. At a point in time which I cannot specifically put my finger on, I reflected on my career choices and decided to return to that which I really knew... food and humanity's love of it. I began to think about my childhood and how much of it had been happily spent in the kitchen. The memories of the aromas and flavors that came from my grandmother's kitchen were vivid and exhilarating. That is where I learned about the ritual and significance of food, the sense of happiness and comfort it brought, and the essential elements of quality and care that went into its preparation.

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