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The first book I read all by myself was Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss.... it's  a classic.  " Hop Pop. We like to Hop. We like to Hop on top of Pop."  The family story goes that I picked it out at the bookstore all by myself, then read it out-loud as we walked through the mall to the car.  I don't remember any of this myself, but I do have a soft spot for these beginner's readers.  The illustrations in Dr. Seuss are so vivid!  Bright colors, crazy shapes... They are the perfect inspiration for a kids party.

Recently, we were asked to recreate a Dr. Seuss favor that we first did several years ago for a birthday party, this time for a baby shower.  Each box was tied closed with daffodil yellow ribbon in a nice big bow and featured the cover of a Dr. Seuss book.  Inside each box... two mini chocolate whoopie pies... yummmm!  These favors made all of us here in the office smile.  And playing off the colors of Green Eggs and Ham, our pastry chef, Ayumi, created this whimsical Joyful Cake.


Finally, our signature "spike-y" style of frosting cupcakes always makes me think of something out of Dr. Seuss... maybe it's Thing 1 and Thing 2's hair.


Adding a few cupcakes would be the perfect addition to the sweets menu; visually, they are lots of fun, and if you do them in a different flavor than the cake, it's a great way to try to please picky eaters.

(Not too long ago, my sister called to tell me that my nephew just read his first book... Hop on Pop.  His Auntie Becca couldn't be more proud.  Next time he visits, we'll have to get a celebratory Seussian cupcake or two!)

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