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We wouldn't be what we are today without our fabulous customers who make it happen. 

Where are you from Originally?

Em: I grew up in the neighborhood, my Dad moved here when I was 8 and I’ve pretty much been here ever since.

Alex: Pick an Autumn storm and follow it till it dies, that’s where I’m from.  Rochester…I’m from Rochester.

How’d you two meet?

Em: We met on the third day of college.

Alex:  I wasn’t the first guy she met –

Em: But he was the one that stuck.

Alex: Lucky for me.  I followed her like a puppy.

Em: Yep, and then he followed me back to the city because there was no way I was moving to Rochester, where weather goes to die.

Alex:  It’s true, my puppy-like tendencies saved me from a future full of storm deaths.

How did you find One Girl Cookies?

Em: I think it was 2007-ish, it was after we’d moved to the city but we weren't married yet.

Alex:  I’m pretty sure we just walked by and saw the cookies sign –

Em:  It drew us in. We didn't stand a chance.

What’s your favorite item to order:

Alex:  Pumpkin whoopie pies were the gateway-

Em: Yeah, then it was hot chocolate, which when they started doing breakfast food lead to Biscuits –

Alex: Then current scones.

Em: Now we prefer breakfast.

Alex: We’re trying to stay away from the sweets.

What time do you like to come to One Girl?

Both: Mornings.

Em: Especially the weekends.

Alex: Yes, we’re here to keep the baristas company.

Em:  This is also my weekend office in the mornings.  I sit at the bar and work on my lesson plans for the upcoming weeks –

Alex: And grade papers.

Em: Yes.  And grade papers.  While Alex busies himself with science fiction.

Alex:  I’m educating my creative mind, with science.

Em: Fiction. Science fiction.

Alex:  I also drink cappuccinos .

What do you do when you’re not at One Girl Cokies?

Em: Generally? Or for a living?

Alex: I do something where they pay me.

Em: I teach English, but we’re also gamers.

Alex: And regional social butterflies.

Em:  I started doing Trapeze recently; I have the calloused hands to prove it.  It’s really cool.  I love it.

Alex:  Yeah, she’s awesome at it.  I do some fencing also.  We’re only a few acts away from starting our own mini-circus.

Em:  But you don’t like Elephants.

Alex: They’re huge!

Do you like things sweet or savory? Hot or iced?

Em: I. LOVE. The Iced Coffee.

Alex: It’s the Cappuccinos for me, two in a row.

Do you like to cook at home?

Em: We cook at home but not bake…the oven is broken and currently storing books.

Alex:  We’ll cook steaks a lot, if we cook at home.

Any One Girl Cookies stories to share?

Em: Hum.

Alex:  None that would be appropriate.

Em:  He’s kidding. One Girl Cookies is like our Cheers. We've met friends here, people we've met over whoopie pies or biscuits and then gone on to hang out with outside of here.

Alex:  We even found our cat sitter here.  One of the baristas.

Em: One girl Cookies is all over our lives.  This is actually a funny story.  Before we were married every night when Alex got home from work he would throw one of those plastic bags of whoopie pies at me.  So, when I thought was going to propose to me I expected it to be with an OGC treat.  I expected that one night he’d throw the bag at me and there would be a diamond ring in the pumpkin whoopie pie. I kept checking, I didn't want to crack a tooth!

Alex:  Yeah, that would have been a good idea; however, I did not go that route.

Em:  He didn't, but I married him anyway.

This post was brought to you by one of our talented baristas, Casey Trascik

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