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This year for the first time, we got to experience The Wedding Party from both sides of the table!  Ayumi (our pastry chef) and I were there as vendors and newly-engaged Katie (our business manager and social media guru) as a bride.  I thought it would be fun for this post to chat with Ayumi and Katie and get their thoughts about the event.


Rebecca: Hi, ladies! So, a little background for our blog readers… This year, when we started planning for The Wedding Party, Dawn was already out on maternity leave.  She texted me from home with her idea for this year’s theme: childhood favorites.  I loved it!  Although we can and have done very refined and grown-up sweets, there’s just something about cookies that automatically takes people back to when they were kids.  It was so easy to really embrace this concept… chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles, gingersnaps, and “oreos” were all musts.  And we just happened to have delicious recipes for all of these!


Rebecca: Once the brainstorming for the menu was underway, my starting point for creating the tablescape was knowing that Dawn really wanted to use our collection of apothecary jars to display the cookies.  Building off that idea, I went with wood and glass serving pieces for a clean and sophisticated display of our whimsical and fun treats.   I was really happy with the final look of the table.

This was your first time attending an event like this for One Girl, Ayumi.  What did you think?

Ayumi: Everyone wanted to try our sweets and everyone loved them! So many people asked about S'mores cake and "Ring Dings", and they loved the oatmeal pies and "Snow Ball" cupcakes.

snow ball cupcakes  ring ding petits four  oatmeal cream pies

Rebecca: When I was growing up, I loved oatmeal cream pies.  This wasn’t something we had made before but you guys took my sweets suggestion and came up with a delicious chewy oatmeal cookie sandwich that paired perfectly with the same sweet cream cheese frosting that we use for our whoopie pies.  Good work!  The pop of color from the “Snow Ball” cupcakes and the fun piping details on the rich and chocolate-y “Ring Ding” petits four looked awesome on the table… and they tasted super yummy, too!

Ayumi: Everyone went for the oatmeal cream pies and the mini black & whites first. They were popular items! (And we had placed them at the front of the table.)

Rebecca: Easy access!

Katie: As someone who attended the event as a bride and didn't work it, I have to say I thought we had the best table!  It was so creative and unique.  I know I am a bit biased, but I’m also very critical of desserts... My mother, who is an outsider, LOVED the cake, Ayumi!

Rebecca: People went crazy over the S'mores cake!  (A big thank you to Marisa Macner and Jonathan Migdal who inspired us to create this cake for their September 2013 wedding!)

Katie: My mom was also a big fan of the oatmeal pies and Gingers (our vegan gingersnaps)!

Ayumi: Also, many people came back to snack on Mary (our chocolate chip cookies).

Katie: The Mary are my absolute favorite cookie we do, it would be a must at my own wedding!

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Rebecca: And a lot of people really liked that we were serving shots of milk with the cookies.  If I’d known how popular the milk was going to be, I would have brought more!

Katie: That was another aspect my mom really appreciated, she thought the "milk shots" took the table to another level! Something so simple but it really helps your guests have more fun.

Ayumi: Many brides who stopped by already knew One Girl. They tried sweets and told me how good they tasted, and when I gave them a card: "Ahhh! One Girl!  I know you guys!!" Many of them worked in Dumbo or lived in Cobble Hill.

Rebecca: And in addition to meeting some great couples, maids of honor, and moms of the brides, I got to say hi to some vendor friends who I usually only get to talk to over email or on the phone (Darcy, Anthony, and Erin from Martha Stewart Weddings; Claudia from The Wedding Library; Ellen from Sidekick Events; Amanda from Newlywish; the lovely ladies from Loverly; Ron Ben-Israel; and Rebecca of; just to name a few).

Katie: It was actually a lot of fun to see all these vendors we've worked with and think about how I could use them for my own wedding!

Ayumi: For me, we always make many things in the kitchen but we don't have chance to see people eats our sweets. It was great experience to see how they react.

Katie: I think the theme of our table was a winner; it was so much fun and showed real creativity and flexibility.  Great job, guys!!

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