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We wouldn't be what we are today without our fabulous customers who make it happen. 

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Where are you from?


How did you find One Girl?

Charlie was the very first customer to OGC on the first day we opened. Charlie's family had moved in across the street when renovation on the space that would become One Girl Cookies began. Charlie was already then a big fan of baking and so was very excited to have a lovely bakery right across the street. When he found out that we were also opening our second location in Dumbo he made it a point to be the first customer there as well.

How long have you been a customer?

Since opening day! Charlie, now 15, was 8 and he has been a pretty much daily customer ever since.

What is your favorite item?

Chocolate cake with mocha filling and chocolate buttercream.

When do you come?

"When it's not closed."

What do you do when you're not here?

school & sleep!

Sweet or savory/hot or iced?

Sweet! And hot chocolate slowly poured over 4 coffee ice cubes, also known as "The Charlie"

Do you like to cook at home?

"I like to bake at home. I took a cake baking class at OGC and started baking cakes." Charlie has made some amazing cakes including one for his dad that was 3 tiers with characters from his books (Charlie's dad is Tad Hills, a well-known children's book author and illustrator) and a cake with moving parts!

What is your favorite One Girl story?

Charlie has a lot of great OGC stories but one of the best is the quiz. Charlie was sitting at the cafe not doing much one day and decided to make an employee quiz. He looked through the employee handbook and came up with a list of questions to ask all employees to test their OGC knowledge. As far as I know, no one has yet gotten a perfect score on this quiz! There is also a much-coveted certificate, signed by Charlie after completion.

Any good food memories you'd like to share?

We revisited a ton of good stories over the course of our chat. Some highlights include Charlie dressing up as OGC manager extraordinaire Joel for Halloween; making masks that were put on sticks (and which still live stuck in odd places around the cafe) and hanging out discussing how awesome the Red Sox are! It's pretty much always a fun time hanging out with Charlie at OGC!


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