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Battling the biggest snow storm in Toyko in 20 years (!), One Girl Cookies' own Ayumi Kato brought American-style sweets to her native Japan this week.  Here are some excerpts from her blog post about her experience there.  For the full post, please visit her site: I You Me ~ yum yum life in NY~.


I started to make pastries after I moved to NYC and I was working at a French cooking school in Japan so I knew how Japanese people loved French pastry. And French and American pastries are so different.  So I was a bit nervous about how people react but it was good to introduce what we do in NYC.


I brought many ingredients from NYC and I introduced Lemon Olive Oil cake, Chocolate Whoopie Pies, Red Velvet Whoopie Pies and Pumpkin Whoopie Pies from One Girl Cookies' recipes. Some of them were in the OGC cookbook, too.  I translated recipes in Japanese and adjusted ingredients to what we can get in Japan.  Some ingredients are different so it was challenging to get all ingredients there.  For example, we don't have All-purpose flour in Japan, so I changed it into Churikiko which is medium gluten ratio flour.


What I showed there was how easy American pastries are. And it might be difficult to take a look through American recipe books for Japanese people but it's super easy!! Everyone's reaction was "Wow, that's easy!! I can try it by myself!!" so that was what I wanted!!  Everyone liked the pastries even if they were all very simple. Also Makoto made coffee with the Stumptown beans that I brought back from One Girl Cookies. That completed the tasting.

 I saw many demonstrations of pastries showed amazing techniques of French pastries. And I loved it.  I was so worried about how people would react to what I do, but it seemed everyone enjoyed my demonstrations so I was so relieved.  There are so many people who can show difficult techniques of French pastries in Japan, so if I could show simple techniques and make people feel like making them at home, and know how simple and delicious American pastries are, that is what I want and what I want to do in the future.

 And also I could show the pictures of cakes I've been making at OGC. Those are so different and super cute from what we can find in Japan. So it was good opportunity to show those designs for Japanese people too.


 It was a really long day but it became one of my favorite days in my life!!!  Thank you so much everyone who attended and helped this demonstration!!  And also I'm so happy that I could show how cute and amazing One Girl Cookies is to Japanese people!!

DSC04246 DSC04268

Big thank yous to everyone involved, especially Tokyo Bakeshop for arranging the demonstrations and Hue Studio for providing such a beautiful space!

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