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Most people have some marker of time. The changing of which signifies a change in season. The lengthening of shadows or the changing colors of leaves come to mind. For us, it is our cherry blossom trees. We are fortunate enough to have four of them lining our property and once the days become slightly warmer, I begin each one by taking note of how the trees have transformed overnight. I anxiously await the day, usually in early May, when there is a huge pink umbrella of flowers outside our windows. Here is where we are at now:


The fresh spring air got Dave in the mood for some recipe experimentation. He got the weekend started off right by making us yeasted waffles Saturday morning. They did take a little thinking ahead and prep work Friday evening, but so worth it. The outsides had a delicate crust and the insides had a beautiful earthy flavor. Syrup and butter on top are not really optional. I’ll try and get him to share the recipe here on our blog.

dawn waffle

Around town, there is a real change in the air. Brooklynites have emerged from their hibernation and are out and about, constantly seeking the rays of sunlight peeking through the still bare tree branches. Around town there is new artwork:

dawn artwork

New buds:

dawn sunset  dawn buds

And new OGC breakfast items (yes, that is Edwards Surryano ham in the ham & cheese biscuit!):

breakfast sando  scones


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Barneys New York was the place I called my second home for six years. It was the classroom in which I learned the importance of aesthetic, the power of creativity and the joy of indulgence. At a point in time which I cannot specifically put my finger on, I reflected on my career choices and decided to return to that which I really knew... food and humanity's love of it. I began to think about my childhood and how much of it had been happily spent in the kitchen. The memories of the aromas and flavors that came from my grandmother's kitchen were vivid and exhilarating. That is where I learned about the ritual and significance of food, the sense of happiness and comfort it brought, and the essential elements of quality and care that went into its preparation.

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