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Having a five year old around has really changed Easter morning in our house. I hadn’t partaken in an egg hunt in many years but I have to say, it was so much fun to watch Nate scurrying around the house looking for goodies. I actually put together a mini scavenger hunt for him too….the final clue leading him to the basket, brimming with treats…and the police Legos that he’s been begging for!

 easter2  easter1

That was followed by a huge feast and another egg hunt at my parents. The words “sugar shock” have taken on a whole new meaning.  Wow.

easter table  easter

My nearest and dearest friend, Tom, visited from Boston. Whenever he’s around it’s unfailingly a good time. Having a great lunch doesn’t hurt either. We went to Piora. A lovely spot in the West Village which has been on my “list” forever. After our lunch, it has moved from the “Restaurants to Try” list to my “Restaurants to Return To. Soon.” List.

piora 1  piora dining room

The space itself was so lovely with a very cool graphic line pattern on the wall. The meal was stellar. Standouts were the garganelli pasta with Brussels sprouts, hedgehog mushrooms and pecorino as well as the crème fraiche panna cotta with pear and graham cracker. That dessert was just as pretty as the room.

piora pasta  piora dessert

 The decadent dining continued on the following night when we had a knockout meal at French Louie, our new neighborhood spot. The meal somehow became more delicious with each course. If you have not been, run, don’t walk. When you arrive, be sure to order the smoked sardines, le grand socca and roasted king mushroom.  But don’t you dare leave without having the pineapple tart tatine. It was really one of the best meals I’ve had in a while.

french lou drinks  french lou

I cannot end my post without an update on the flora and fauna around our house. Here’s what Mother Nature has been up to in our neck of the woods:

apple blossom   baby greens  cherry blossom

Apple blossoms, baby greens and radishes. And those cherry trees…they are officially in full bloom in all of their pink glory.



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