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A walk through Brooklyn based artist Mimms Cross’ apartment might include graffiti on her living room wall, floor or even on mirrors.  And it’d be some of the most beautiful handwriting you’ve ever seen.

Mimms recently completed the new menu board at our One Girl Cookies Cobble Hill location, and her work has been earning raves from customers and staff alike.  Even the occasional stomach grumble.

20140402_165301   mimms2

Born into a family of artists, Mimms has loved lettering ever since she was a kid, letting her brother judge her writing in reality show inspired contests and wondering later in school - as she was having a blast simply writing an assignment - whether she could ever make a living at doing just that. It turns out she can.

“Letters are all about shapes and thinking about the whole word and how the shapes interact,” says Mimms. “It’s about balance.”

mimms 4    mimms menu pic 1

Mimms first met OGC owner Dawn Casale while lettering for graphic design firm Regas Studio where she was encouraged by founder Meredith Kurosko to pursue her love for calligraphy.  With Dawn, their conversation quickly turned to shared passions of shapes, precision and beauty.  Not long after, they began discussing the new menu board.

mimms1  mimms background

“So many people asked me if I was painting it with chocolate,” she says of the menu which honestly, really does look like chocolate, and I see it every day as manager of the shop.  The gold lettering she created is one of her favorite hands, which she meticulously drew freehand using only a yard stick and level as her guide after laying it out for proofing with an assist from Lindsay Calhoun.

mimms paper   mimms standing

Drop by One Girl Cookies 68 Dean Street to check out Mimms’ work, and head over to her site at to see more of what she’s up to.


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