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Ok, so this isn't exactly anything new. Thomas Keller has been serving donuts and coffee since The French Laundry first opened. Allegedly, according to The New York Times, it all started in Los Angeles in 1991 with an out of work Keller. And really, who doesn't have a fond memory of eating warm, sugary donuts right out of a paper bag? It's such a simple treat and yet it has the power to make even the most seasoned diner giddy with excitement. Breakfast foods seem to bring back childhood memories and make us all nostalgic for an easier time.

These days when many desserts can leave us confused and unsatisfied, breakfast is an easy way to keep diners pleased and content. Breakfast is also a great way to keep flavors familiar while textures and the overall presentation might be unfamiliar. Case in point: dinner at Per Se. Pastry Chefs also seem to be able to make something as simple as French toast sound fancy ("caramelized brioche").

I think breakfast for dessert has become a trend because of a general feeling of nostalgia in New York City. Time is moving quickly and everything is changing so quickly around us; it's nice to slow down and eat a bowl of cereal after a busy day. At One Girl, we've noticed a trend where brides request s'mores-flavored wedding cakes and dessert bars that include things like oreos, snickerdoodles, and snowball cupcakes. We all love nostalgia and breakfast is the easiest way to remember a time when you were sitting at the kitchen table in your pajamas and mom was making you eggs and bacon.

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1. Betony: amaranth, maple, and caramelized banana

2. Momofuku: cereal milk panna cotta with caramelized corn flakes

3. Shake Shack, the LumberShack: vanilla custard, maple bacon brittle and peanuts

4. Alder: vanilla milk custard, cinnamon cereal, candied almonds, apple, coffee

Not pictured but seriously addicting: The Dutch Brooklyn Blackout Donuts.


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