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It's time! You can ditch those overused recipes with citrus, beets, and winter squash. It is spring! I don't think any of us at One Girl Cookies have been shy about sharing our excitement over this welcomed-season. I wanted to take this time to share some of the produce I'm looking forward to finding at my farmer's market this month. Not many people were eager for April showers. Instead, April showers meant additional cold, cloudy days and more indoor activities. However, to me April showers are truly a great thing; April showers mean spring and summer produce are receiving the healthy hydration they need. Here's to a few more spring showers so that we're able to enjoy the following items for a long, delicious spring season.

The List:

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  1. Rhubarb: Rhubarb and strawberry are no longer a surprise-combination; we are all aware of the winning duo. However, rhubarb on its own demonstrates an award-winning dessert that won’t over-power you with sweetness. When cooked, rhubarb has the right texture and flavor profile to work perfectly with some biscuits (aka cobbler) on top. And as Deb says, this is a delightful addition to Mother’s Day brunch.  Test it out.
  1. Spring onions:  Before transporting myself over to the restaurant world, I would never in a million years felt excited over onions. But now I do. Spring onions have the right flavor and aroma to pair alongside any main course you may be cooking. Test it out.
  2. Fava beans : Let’s be honest: these are not pleasant to prepare. I avoided favas for a long time until I found it could be quite therapeutic peeling these guys. Throw on the news, your favorite talk show, or even the Frozen soundtrack and just savor the time you’re spending to prepare your dinner. Reflect, relax, and don’t let the tediousness get to you. Test it out.
  3. Cherries:  I could never have a list without cherries; they’re tart, sweet, and just scream of warm weather. I don’t mind pitting these either, just make sure you’re not wearing any white clothing. Cherry pie is possibly my favorite dessert on this earth to eat. This recipe will win you over. Test it out.
  4. Strawberries: I know what you’re thinking when you see the following recipe: Pickled strawberries? You’re crazy, One Girl! These will blow your mind. I love pickling the last of the season strawberries as a way to hold onto the berry season a little bit longer. However, this is also perfect when you have the first-of-the-season berries that are still a bit tart. Pickled strawberries are an excellent addition to a cheese plate, salad, or even a dessert. I prefer them as a mid-afternoon snack while contemplating dinner. No matter what, you’ll become addicted to these tart and zesty treats. Test it out.
  5. Best for last: Ramps: For those of you who are fortunate enough to be familiar with this tantalizing vegetable, you are aware of their short season. Ramps are available between March and April and it seems mania unravels at the start of their season. The majority of ramps harvested each year are actually foraged within the Eastern United States and Canada. Ramps are almost scallion-esque and will leave you with a stinky-breath. Chef’s marvel at their ability to be both an aromatic and cooking green. Test it out.

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