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These past two weeks have centered largely around Nate. He has a lot going on in his life…at least for a little kid. Not only did he turn five, but he also graduated from preschool. On the same day.   These events involve parties and celebrations of all sorts. Plus an effort to wrap his five year old mind around it all. I won’t even mention trying to wrap my own adult brain around it all. Suffice it to say there have been a lot of emotions (ok, tears) whirling around our house. Though these milestones are bittersweet, they are happy ones and we are grateful to be able to celebrate them.

party1  party2

For his party, Nate really wanted a Star Wars theme. In a bouncy castle place, to boot. Try as I might to change his mind, Nate wasn’t having it. I should mention that I know nothing, whatsoever, about Star Wars. Until I was 18 I thought that Princess Leia was nothing more than a girl’s hairstyle.  Etsy saved the day.  I was able to find some chocolate dipped pretzel light sabers (HitstheSpot), those awesome masks and other paper elements (PimpYourParty) and some adorable pins for the goody bags (BurritoPrincess). These sorts of things come in very handy when all you have to work with is red and purple decor and fluorescent lights.

dave 1  party 4

In the end, everyone had a blast. Perhaps the adults most of all.

nate cupcake  IMG_5940(2)

His school celebration was very sweet. It made me remember what a big deal it was to bring cupcakes in for your whole class.  Not to mention having your mom come in and read a super cute book about crayons going on strike (The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt)

eggs`1  eggs2

We wrapped up “Nate’s Week” with a super sweet graduation celebration. Since I can barely talk about him moving on to kindergarten without tearing up, it is doubtful that I can string together some sentences to describe the occasion. Instead, I’ll focus on the fact that my contribution to the Potluck Graduation Dinner was deviled eggs. Preparing them was a “Like Water for Chocolate” moment for me, but  they are a crowd pleaser. And usually don’t reduce me to tears.


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