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 It's the cool party theme for every aspiring princess... Frozen!

1.snowflake cake  2.more look book photos 008

frozen cupcake with sanding sugar

4.IMG_0412    5.sadie-crop

6.papaer source - batik rustic green turquoise fine paper   7.tissue paper pom poms

  1. "Snowflake" Cookie Cake (Joyful Cakes)
  2. "Princess" Cookie Cake (Joyful Cakes)
  3. Miniature cupcakes with icy blue vanilla buttercream frosting, garnished with sparkly clear, coarse sanding sugar
  4. drown a monster "Marshmallow" in a nice mug of hot chocolate (recipes for both the marshmallows and the hot chocolate are in the One Girl Cookies' Cookbook (pg. 131-133)
  5. Sadie tea cookies... orange butter drop cookies topped with snowy white shredded coconut
  6. beautiful batik paper from Paper Source in just the right shades of turquoise and purple... perfect for a decorative paper runner for the table or for sophisticated but in-theme wrapping for favor boxes.
  7. tissue paper poofs are an easy to make addition to the decor... cut the edges of the paper on an angle rather than a curve to get more of a snowflake/ice crystal effect


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