Best Christmas Cookies

Our personal favorites? One Girl Cookies, based in Brooklyn, New York. Any and all cookies from this tiny, independent bakery/cafe run by a husband and wife team ship extremely well. Each delicate cookie bears a pretty girl’s name in either the Classic or Chocolate Collection. (We’re big fans of Lucia, Lana, Penelope, and Cecilia.) But you really can’t go wrong: They’re all fresh, delicious, and lovingly made by hand from the best available ingredients. And small enough so that you can eat a lot of them and not feel totally guilty. Plus they come beautifully boxed and presented. Impossible not to love. However, non-cookie-lovers (do any exist?) should check out One Girl’s homemade cakes, cupcakes, and whoopie pies. A box of 48 cookies is $29, and can be ordered online through their website. (Look for their special Holiday Collection.) If One Girl Cookies doesn’t make their holidays happy, then they must be a Scrooge.

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