House of Turquoise

One Girl Cookies

This week I'm going to be sharing some highlights from my trip to New York, starting off with the culinary highlight: One Girl Cookies. This adorable artisanal bakery and cafe in Brooklyn was suggested to me by my reader Kara, who happens to be a food writer. Their entire space is filled with just the prettiest shade of turquoise. The cookies, cupcakes and baked goods were displayed so perfectly, everything smelled delicious, but I have to tell you, the chocolate cupcake I ate (with turquoise frosting, of course) was hands-down the BEST cupcake I've ever had. No lie. (And as this was our last day in the city, we'd sampled our share over Manhattan and Long Island!) The whoopie pie we had was DELICIOUS as well, soooo yummy. I highly suggest visiting this place next time you're in New York....well worth the trip to Brooklyn! Check out their website here for more info and some mouthwatering photos!

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